A jewel is a feeling, an emotion, a memory and through the simplicity of my designs the purpose of my work is to enhance the wearer own personality and uniqueness aiming to make them experience a sensation of identity empowerment.

I remember making 'stuff to wear as jewels' since I was very young, I would pick cherries from my grandparents' garden and wear them on my ears as earrings. Something my grandmother showed me, she was a very creative and ingenious person, my time with her had a huge influence on me up until this day.

Throughout my childhood my passion for wearable objects has been influenced and nurtured very much by my cousin who is always wearing so unusual and beautiful earrings and rings. She inspires and made me pursue the idea of uniqueness and originality. Growing up I enjoyed looking for and wearing unique 'strange' earrings but most of the time I couldn't find pieces that reflected my personality so I decided to start making my own. I remember the excitement, the feeling of proudness and joy I would have when wearing my unique and unusual creations. I think everything started from that feeling...

In 2010 I was in my early 20s and under the tutoring of my aunt, a skilled artisan and designer, I used to create mixed media jewellery and sell in markets. Then life became busier, University and 'regular' jobs were taking all my time and sadly I stopped creating for few years.

Things changed when in summer 2017 I accidentally found my jewellery tools' box at my parents' house. It was like falling in love, all my passion for making unique wearable objects came back to me and from there I realised that it was what I wanted to do everyday.

After months of thinking, planning and investing time, energy and money I slowly started to give life to nobi. My creative world born from my passion for making unique wearable art.

Currently I work mainly with polymer clay, a versatile material full of potential that offers endless possibilities to my creativity. I also reuse and reclaim different kinds of objects, usually plastics and my studio scraps, giving them a new life as wearable creations.

My designs are contemporary and minimalist, I like geometric lines and block colours, the boldness of monochrome.

My inspiration comes from observing the urban context and from much historical jewellery and objects I see in museums and galleries where I work.

I am obsessed with three-dimensionality, I always want to express a sense of presence through the materiality of my creations.

What always fascinated me about making jewellery is the possibility of transforming an idea or object into a wearable piece. I find this one of the most powerful human practices especially when there is a significant cultural or personal bond with the piece.

I like pushing the boundaries of what a jewel can be, I love transforming the way we perceive what can be considered a wearable object and I am thrilled by exploring creative possibilities of unusual materials and designs. I feel creative potential in most of the things around me, even the most ordinary.

I make each piece by hand, I aim to create unique, different and original wearable art, valuing the preciousness of the handmade process.

This is important to me in contrast of a culture where mass production of identical things is available. In this sense I very much value diversity as a human feature as something that can also be reflected in the objects we decide to wear.

For me making jewellery is a practice of giving significance.

A jewel is a feeling, an emotion, a memory and through the simplicity of my designs the purpose of my work is to enhance the wearer own personality and uniqueness

aiming to make them experience a sensation of identity empowerment.

Noemi Bizzocchi

Noemi Bizzocchi

Jewellery Artist

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I was born in Italy and have been living in London for many years but my heart is in New York, I define my self as a 'urban animal'.

In the list of things I love - gelato, pizza and bunnies are among the firsts.

I believe in simplicity and in following your own feelings.

Sometimes I struggle to see the 'half-full glass' but I always try to and it works!

I am very organised and determined, however if you try to distract me with some chocolate or pop-corns I am not going to disappoint you.

Currently I am in between places, travelling and working in London, NY and Italy. I am a self-taught jewellery artist and an art curator, my academic background is in anthropology and I specialised in contemporary galleries and museums studies. I often work independently on different curatorial projects with the purpose to get arts and people closer.

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