I am Noemi and I am a jewellery artist. nobi is my jewellery world I created in 2017.

I have been making jewellery since I was a kid going to school, I used to create in mixed media and now I work mainly with polymer clay.

I also reuse different materials, especially plastic waste and found objects.
My creations are contemporary and minimalist, I like geometric designs and block colours and

I work a lot making three-dimensional, sculptural pieces.

I aim to create original and unique creations you won't find anywhere else.

I like pushing the boundaries of what a jewel can be, I love transforming the way we perceive what can be considered a wearable object

and I am thrilled by exploring creative possibilities of non-traditional and unusual materials and designs.

My inspiration comes from observing the urban context and from much historical jewellery and objects I see in museums where I work.
Through my jewellery I speak about identity, I very much value diversity as a human feature as something that

can also be reflected in the objects we decide to wear.

This is important to me in contrast of a culture where mass production of identical things is available,

and where there is not equal representation of different people.
The preciousness of the handmade process is fundamental as there is no two pieces that are the same, each one of them is unique.

Like we all are, and that’s what fuels my creativity and it is the message I want to share and celebrate!


I was born in Italy and have been living in London for many years but my heart is in New York, I define my self as a 'urban animal'.

In the list of things I love - gelato, pizza and bunnies are among the firsts.

I believe in simplicity and in following your own feelings.

Sometimes I struggle to see the 'half-full glass' but I always try to and it works!

I am very organised and determined, however if you try to distract me with some chocolate or pop-corns I am not going to disappoint you.

Currently I am in between places, travelling and working in London and Italy. I am a self-taught jewellery artist and an art curator,

my academic background is in anthropology and I specialised in contemporary galleries and museums studies.

I often work independently on different curatorial projects with the purpose to get arts and people closer.


Noemi Bizzocchi

Jewellery Artist

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