The Material
The materials I use for my creations are mainly polymer clay, recycled plastics and found objects.
Polymer clay is generally a non-toxic oven-hardening clay that is made of plasticizers and additives. It is very light weight and extremely durable, its aspect and colour won't change in a long time.
I use different brands of polymer clay and substances contained in it can change depending on the brand. I work mainly with Fimo by Staedler, Sculpey and Cernit Clay.
I always do my best to minimise waste and I recycle all my studio clay scraps. I also recycle and reclaim different kinds of objects and materials, usually plastics. Reclaiming and repurposing them to create unique wearable creations.
The metal components and findings I use are either 100% recycled sterling silver or stainless steel.
The Process
Creative ideas and process to transform them in wearable art objects! ..envisioning...thinking..drawing and sketching...more thinking...trials...failures...prototypes making...frustration...happiness...
Once I am happy with the prototype I made and then start making the 'official' piece that will be available for people to buy.
I soften and condition the clay by hand and I model it to create my designs. I also mix different clays to create unique colours.
Once my designs are ready they need to be cured in the oven. When the pieces come out the oven I sand them one by one. Metal components and findings can be applied before or after curing, this depends on the design I am making. I then refine and smooth these to make the pieces ready to be worn.
With recycled plastics or other objects the process is different and varies for each creation. Sometimes I use specific professional glues when needed.
My packaging is also handmade by me using paper or cardboard to make boxes and cards.
Care Instructions for Polymer Clay Jewellery
When you are not wearing your polymer clay jewellery, keep it in a clean, dry place.

All materials I use are waterproof and if need you can clean the item gently with a bit of water and dish soap or using a wet wipe. However please do not wear your polymer clay jewellery while bathing or showering.
Avoid contact with makeup, hair styling products and perfumes. The clay may get stained if it comes into contact with these products.

Please note, pieces shouldn't be bent or dropped- if dropped or stored incorrectly they may break or become damaged.


Actual colour may vary from picture due to computer displays and settings.

My pieces are all handmade from scratch, therefore they might present little precious 'imperfections', it's impossible and it is not my aim to make them perfect or blemish-free. I believe this being what makes them precious, they are all different and unique. If you are interested in wearing unique and handmade art then my creations are for you!

I do all my best to take realistic pictures to reflect the design and colour and I will never send out pieces with big imperfections that could compromise aesthetic or durability. I only sell pieces that I would be happy to wear my self.

My studio scraps and pieces that came out with large imperfections and faults are reclaimed and transformed in one-off recycled creations

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