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Anonymous, Brooklyn New York
18-24 November 2019
Anonymous is an un-named exhibition built by one artist at a time over the course of New York Jewelry Week!
The exhibition is organised by the Brooklyn Metal Works, Brooklyn New York.
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NYCJW 2019 - Events Assistant
New York Jewelry Week, New York
HERE WE ARE is a project created by NYC Jewelry Week to celebrate the diversity that makes NYC incredible. The two-pronged initiative launches with a visual campaign designed to introduce NYC, and the world, to a diverse group of working artists, designers and makers in the field of jewelry across NYC. 
The Marketplace is a market-focused project designed to provide a platform for new client connection, brand presentation, and exposure both to the industry and directly to the public for jewelers that represent a spectrum of diversity. 
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NYCJW 2019
New York Jewelry Week, New York
Group exhibitions by artists Brice Garrett, and Amelia Toelke, Alexandra Darby's jewelry brand Australiana, and a group show 'Lonely Hearts Club'.
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Curatorial Project - Venice Biennale 2019
Cathy Wilkes Exhibition Workshop 'Explore, Share and Create'
Thank to my colleague and friend Luna Salazar for asking me to work with her and the talented artist and art educator Marta Corada.
We've worked together to develop and deliver the Workshop "Cathy Wilkes, Explore Share and Create". It was a success! We made a great team and created something meaningful and engaging for people to participate to!
And we made through the Acqua alta nightmare! Our thoughts are to the victims and to all those who are in difficulties in these days of flooding in Venice.
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New Stockist
Speak Space Gallery, Rimini Italy
At Speak Space you can find art and unique handmade design objects from international artists!Check out their website:
Instagram: @speakspace_rimini

Da oggi troverete una selezione dei miei designs da Speak Space! Galleria d' Arte in centro storico a Rimini, via Bertola 28!! Opere esclusive fatte a mano e oggetti di design di artisti nazionali e internazionali! 
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New Creations
Re-using, Re-porpusing, Re-cycling
I have recently been working on new creations using my studio scraps and unused pieces. I find this process very exciting and creative, I am loving exploring new possibilities and create something new from pre-existing objects.
More to come...
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Spring Makers Market London
3rd March 11.30 - 4pm

The Beehive Pub, Stoneleigh Rd, N17 9BQ

25 October - 1 November 2018

Staff Art Show - British Museum London
November 2018