Different Jewellery Lab

Hi everyone!

This is my members supported section called Different Jewellery Lab!

Here I want to provide a space dedicated to nurturing creativity and originality for jewellery makers who want to be challenged, inspired and experiment!

You will have access to a creative community where to develop your creative process through tips, resources, support, inspiring activities,

challenges and discussions based on a monthly topic.

The medium focus will be on polymer clay and reclaimed materials jewellery, however, as this doesn't intend to be a space for teaching how to use those mediums,  any jewellery maker can benefit from the Different Jewellery Lab.

FORMAT - Access 4 different sections:

1. About Making - Here I present the monthly topic. Talk about my process, share insights and resources on polymer clay and mixed media jewellery making.

2. Creative Hub - This is a space for everyone to participate and share, taking part in creative activities, challenges and discussions.

3. Giveaways - Every month you have the possibility to win one of my pieces or a creative prize

4. Pre-sale - Here you have access to a 48hrs pre-sale of my on-of-a-kind pieces before they go for sale in my shop

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Every month I will propose a topic that will lead the contents and activities in section 1 and 2. The contents will be text, images and short videos. You will be able to like, comment and share your own content as well when discussing topics and working on challenges/activities.