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My Journey Towards Who I am and What I Love to do

I am Noemi and this is my face. Literally the face behind nobi.

I created nobi at the end of summer 2017, it has been around for the last 2 and a half years but majority of people don’t know much about me.

As I recently decided to dedicate my self fully to nobi, I realised how much I love putting all of me into it and I feel I want to share more about who I am with the people that follow me and support me! I am starting to have this sense of a little community, an online creative space where I can share what I do, my values and my goals. Hopefully inspiring and encouraging other people to pursue their passions too.

So here it goes…

I am Noemi, I am 29 years old and I was born in Italy in a small town on the central east- coast. However, I feel an inhabitant of the world.

When I was a kid my favourite things were lego, drawing with wax pastels and build tends, little spaces where I felt good.

The interest in spaces and my creativity kept growing in different ways from what they used to be:

After high school I went to University to study Anthropology in Bologna. Anthropology literally opened my mind and gave me tools that allow me to see things from perspectives I didn’t consider before.

After graduating I moved to London in 2013. I moved on my own, didn’t speak English at that time and didn’t have a job. It took some time and then, like big majority of things in life, was a matter of determination and hard work; I started to work (so many different jobs), I started to speak English and in 2015 I decided to enrol at the University of Westminster.

With little sleep and much work, more than I had ever imagined, in 2016 I graduated from my MA in contemporary museums studies.

My interest for contemporary spaces and my creativity translated into curating spaces for art.

During my studies I realised that I was much more interested in curating ways people approach and visit places like galleries and museums, and the ways they get (or don’t get) close to art, rather then curating art exhibitions or collections. Therefore after several years working at the British Museum and in other art venues I started to work on my own, curating and organising visits in museums and galleries for people. Something I still do when I can, together with curating workshops and creative activities to involve people in the art world.

Life in London is very stressful and incredibly hard, especially on your own. Thus, after almost 7 years, four months ago I took the decision to get away and I am temporarily spending time with my family in Italy. This is allowing me to slow down and get back to many things and feelings I had forgotten about. It is allowing me also to have more time to travel when I can and grow my creative art-jewellery business.

I am glad I took that decision. Because I feel much better now. I was missing my family a lot and because some difficult things happened in my life lately I really needed to stop and be home. I kind of felt I was running on the wheel (yes, like a hamster 🐹 ) to keep the current economic and financial system going, which is not what I want to do with my life and I simply think it is not fair. It is definitely not contributing to build a more just and equal society, it is not improving the life of people. It is actually having a negative impact on all of us.

I believe the ways our society functions, our ways of production and consumptions are the causes of many problems we are facing today as individuals and as peoples. The pace with which we are required to work is putting us in a position where we live to work and have little time and energy left to actually live. This often keeps creating a feeling of alienation in us, that brings to detachment, violence, indifference, unhealthy life-styles, depression, anxiety, loneliness, poverty, discrimination, …and much more.

So, here I am... I decided to pursue what I really want to do and express positive values through my passion for art and for making jewellery. It’s not easy and it doesn’t always work but nothing it is and I believe in keeping doing my best.

With 'it's not easy' I mean that I couldn't really afford to leave my job and my life in London to go living in my small town at my parents' for a while, but my wellbeing and the one of the people I love was more important. And together we are stronger because I am here for them and they are here for me. But this also means making sacrifices, readjusting to not have my space any more, to not be as much independent as I used to be, to not have a regular income but earn money when I get the chance to work occasionally in coffee shops or when I sell my jewellery, being far from my friends and all the places I love in London.

We can't have it all.. but I am happy with my decision and this is just the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

One step at the time almost everything is possible. I am training my mind every day repeating this and every time I feel down or I think that I cannot make it I just get my self to do one thing that get me closer to accomplish my goal and I feel much better. Even if it is just tidy up my room. Or if I feel too stressed because I have been working a lot I allow my self to slow down and relax for as much time I feel I need; spending time with my family, watching a movie, taking a nap or a walk, going out with friends, simply doing nothing or drawing without specific goals in mind.

Taking it easy and stop is something I often used to feel guilty about while living in London. It is part of that set of beliefs and ideas that reflect and nurture that exact sick system our society is based on. A sick environment that often surrounds people living in big urban areas like London.

But we are not machines, we are people. It's not about quantity but quality and it's not about appearance or productivity, it is about how we feel and authenticity. And I think I am personally very lucky; to have friends and family supporting me and giving me a corner in their flat to live in. I am healthy and I live in an area of the world where things go very well compared to other places. So no excuses to not try to do my best to accomplish what fulfils my life.

My plans now are very simple: keep doing what I love with love and encourage others to do the same. Doesn’t matter what it is your passion or who you are. Do it the right way, with good values and with love. Keep in mind that everything is imperfect and there are good days and shitty days, all you have to do is your best to feel good and do good to others.

I believe in this way you learn to appreciate imperfections, ups and downs; it's all part of a balance that gives sense to our existence.

Nobi is my little creative world and making art to wear is what I think of all the time: I close my eyes and I see it, I go to sleep and I can’t wait to wake up to do more. I wake up and it’s all I want to do. Some days are better than others, that's just how anything works.

The main goal is to make a living out of what I do so that I can keep doing it.

I recently started to connect many things I did in my life so far and I feel that all came together and started to make sense.

Making jewellery was something I did since I was very little, a passion I always had but that I couldn’t see as a job. Not until I found my jewellery tools’ box during summer 2017…....

.....but that’s next post story!

The British Museum and some inspiring historical jewellery I could see there every day..

One of my favourite place in the world. Hampstead in London, I love that little street, and there is where my favourite ice cream shop is!

Sketching in Hampstead and visiting the Pergola in Hampstead Heath Park, again one of my favourite places!

Sketching in the park..

Visiting the countryside in England..

...and visiting Naples, that's the Vesuvio volcano!

In Venice, curating a workshop at the Biennale!

And my precious New York..there for the Jewelry Week in November!

Making fresh pasta at home with my mom!

Those are traditional from my area, they are called cappelletti! Fresh pasta filled with meat, prosciutto and parmigiano! The most delicious meal ever!

My hometown..

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