I have designed and entirely handmade this unique polymer clay brooched. I created this product conditioning, shaping, baking and finishing the clay, a process that involves several steps.

I have then applied the stainless steel back pin. Each piece is preciously unique.

Actual colour may slightly vary from picture due to computer displays and settings.
My pieces are all handmade from scratch, therefore my creations might present little precious 'imperfections', it impossible and it is not my aim to make them perfect or blemish-free. I believe this being what makes them precious, they are all different and unique. If you are interested in wearing unique and handmade art then my creations are for you!
I do all my best to take realistic pictures to reflect the design and colour and I will never send out pieces with imperfections that could compromise aesthetic or durability.

My studio scraps and pieces that came out with large imperfections and faults are reclaimed and transformed in one-off recycled creations.

Please treat your jewels with care - if dropped or stored incorrectly your item may break or become damaged.
When you are not wearing your jewels, keep it in a clean, dry place.
Do not wear  in water or while bathing or showering. 
Avoid contact with makeup, hair styling products and perfumes. The items may get stained if it comes into contact with these products.
Please note, pieces shouldn't be bent or dropped.

If the item has silver components this may tarnish with time, please make sure to polish the silver regularly with a clean cloth and a little bit of baking soda.

Process Brooch